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SunWestern Prebook Final
FlowerLength/cmCase CountCase PriceHalf CaseMinimumColor
Delphinium Belladonna70300 Stems$1.20$1.4020 stems @$1.60
Greenbell Pennycress70300 Stems$1.25$1.5025 stems @$1.80
Lisianthus80160 Stems$2.10$2.25N/A“WhitePinkLt-PinkMagentaTT-PinkPurpleLavenderTT-PurleChampain-ApricotGreen”
Narcisus Paperwhite50300 stems$0.60$0.7550 stems @$0.90
Phlox70300 Stems$1.20$1.4050 stems @$1.80“PinkPurpleWhite”
Twedia55300 Stems$1.75$2.0050 stems @$2.25“WhiteBlue”
Waxflower White60250 Stems$0.80$1.2525 stems @$1.50
Waxflower pink60250 Stems$1.10$1.4025 stems @$1.60
Arailia50300 Stems$0.70$0.8050 stems @$1.00
Arailia Fingers60240 Stems$1.15$1.3040 stems @$1.40
Aspidistra Variagated70250 Stems$1.25$1.4050 stems @$1.60
Coculus70250 Stems$0.90N/AN/A
Euc Cinera70300 Stems$1.10$1.2550 stems @$1.40
Euc Moon Lagoon70300 Stems$0.85$0.9550 stems @$1.10
Kochia60300 Stems$0.80$0.9550 stems @$1.10
Monstera50-80Call for pricing
Mini Var Pitt60300 Stems$0.70$0.8550 stems @$1.00
Spider Ruscus70500 Stemsfull case $0.80$0.9050 stems @ $1.00
Israeli Ruscus70500 Stems$0.60$0.7550 stems @$1.00
Delphinium Sinessis70250 Stems$1.35$1.5050 stems @$1.80“WhiteBlue”
Viburnum Tinus80100 Stems$2.15$2.4020 stems @$2.75
Ornithagalum50250 Stems$1.25$1.4550 stems @$1.70
Traechillium70250 Stems$1.20$1.4050 stems @$1.60Purple
Scabiosa60300 stems$1.45$1.7030 stems @$2.00“WhitePinkBlack”
Peony50100 Stems$4.65$5.40N/A
Quince Bale NJ5-6ft20 stems @ $130“WhitePink”
Pussy willow NJ3-4ft250 stems @ $125
Curly willow NJ Short3-4ft250 stems @ $125
Curly Willow Tall6ft+Bale @ $125
Kangaroo Paw60300 Stems$1.45$1.7050 stems @$2.00“PinkOrangeSilver”
Flowering Camilia NJ5-6ftBale @ $135
Veronica60200 Stems$1.50$1.7550 stems @ $2.00“WhitePurplePink”
Astrantia Roma40200 Stems$1.00$1.2550 stems @ $1.50
Blue Thistle (MAGNETAR)60120$3.00$3.2510 stems @ $3.50
Italian Ruscus Tall500 gram10 Bunch$18.00$21.001bu @ $24.00
Eucalyptus Parvefolia500 gram10 Bunch$15.75$18.501bu @ $21.00

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